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Overview about Feathers in relation to breeding canaries

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Examples of other colors: blue and white

There truly are dozens of colors and combinations. We are limiting what we breed at this time, but do have other beautiful birds to show as examples. Take a look here at a classic blue male and a double recessive white female. Funny thing is that the blue is the darkest white ground bird. Unlike the double recessive hen (Snow), he contains melanin.

The male is a classic blue and the female is a double recessive white. Although in the picture her feathers appear to have some color, it is due to reflection of light. Her plumage is totally devoid of any pigment.

If she were a dominant white, there would be a small amount of yellow on the wing feathers.

If these two are mated, (we break the rule of not mating melanin bird to clear bird) the offspring will be variegated birds. Many people find those birds very desirable, however.

The backside of the Classic blue shows the striations. The best classic blue canaries have a minimum of brown and have long black striations. They show a bluish luminosity. This little guy's name is Sapphire.