Exceptional Quality

We offer very healthy, well cared for, and stress resistant canaries. Their environment is healthy, with clean air, clean water and nutritious foods. All of them make great pets and some of them are surprisingly tame.

Aviary Conditions:

  • bred indoors in large breeding cages
  • weaned into large flight cages for top condition
  • receive full spectrum artificial light
  • cages kept indoors in living spaces
  • HEPA filter air purifiers are used at all times
  • birds are active and comfortable with people
  • they handle stress well
  • the birds we sell have never been sick
  • during the summer they get sun and exercise in an outside aviary
  • many get to fly outside the cages in the indoor space
Exceptional Nutrition

We feed exceptionally high quality foods to our canaries in order to prevent disease and raise stress resistant and healthy birds.

Canary Diet:

  • large gourmet variety of canary as well as human food
  • all the minerals and vitamins needed to establish optimal growth
  • sprouted seed (5 different kinds), freshly prepared weekly
  • right amount of protein, including fresh hard boiled eggs once or twice/week
  • fresh vegetables, good quality human food
  • mixed seed in small quantities since their nutritional value is not optimum
  • pellet food, (Zupreem) which constitutes the bulk of their daily diet
  • nestling foods, especially high protein egg product for raising the babies
  • Spirulina (highly nutritious algae), which is given to them in the sprouts once or twice weekly
  • conditioning foods during the breeding/molting periods
Friendly Canaries

These birds are accustomed to being around people and some are very tame. This is highly dependent on their personalities and we are raising lines of canaries which have had very tame personalities.

They are very stress resistant because of their exceptional environmental conditions and great genetics. They are happy, singing along, flying around, and swinging on their perches. They are very used to moving around from cage to cage and sometimes from room to room as we rotate birds around the house or take them for exercise to the outside aviary when weather permits. We do this so that the birds get used to change. The birds in the flight cages are less used to human interaction, but they will become more relaxed when you interact with them in their new home. We also "play" with some of them. It is amazing sometimes to find a bird that was not particularly tame at 6 months, be able to stand on your finger at 12 months. They come to know you and stand at the edge of the cage when you bring them treats like corn in the cob or a big piece of raw broccoli.

Delightful Songs

The males sing all the time and some of them like to show off and sing while you watch. We do not breed for song however. Those who want canaries bred for particular melodic characteristics are invited to look for canary breeders who specialize in birds Bred-for-Song. Those birds have particular melodies and song qualities that are very particular to the type of breed (i.e. American Singer, Gloster, etc.). Our birds are bred for color, but their songs are very nice also.